Registering as a Charity

Oyler Consulting provides assistance for organizations interested in applying for registered charity status. This includes guidance on the required documentation and criteria needed to apply, a review of your organization’s purposes and activities to gauge viability for charitable status, and completion of the application. Also included is an overview of the regulatory obligations of a registered charity once an application has been approved.

For organizations considering charitable status, Oyler Consulting provides strategic direction such as clarity on the differences between registered charities and non-profit organizations, the advantages of registration, and the regulatory obligations of a registered charity. Presentation and workshop topics include:

Registered Charity Assessment

Non-Profit Organization (NPO) vs. a Registered Charity

Factors that Can Affect Registration

Obligations of Registered Charities


Fees will vary depending on the needs of the organization.

For general consulting, the fee is $60 per hour.