Oyler Consulting specializes in helping organizations launch and build successful fundraising and sponsor programs, and provides strategic guidance for effective revenue generation strategies to raise surplus funds or to deliver programs and services. This is accomplished by considering both the short and long term needs of the organization, by building on relationships with current organization stakeholders, and establishing new ones within the community. There are a variety of workshop or presentation options to fit your fundraising and revenue development needs such as:

  • Developing a Fundraising Program
  • Revenue Generation for Registered Charities
  • Event Planning/Sponsorship Campaigns
  • Community Economic Development
  • Fundraising Collaboration and Partnerships



Oyler Consulting provides guidance on Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) policy for registered charities to promote appropriate administrative governance and compliance. He also offers information sessions for groups or individual organizations on various topics including:

  • Accounting and Registered Charities
  • Business Activities
  • Guidance on Fundraising
  • Obligations of Registered Charities
  • Receipting of Gifts
  • T3010 Annual Information Return



Oyler Consulting provides assistance for submitting an application for registered charity status. This includes guidance on the required documentation and criteria needed to apply, a review of your organization’s purposes and activities, and completion of the application. Also included is an overview of the the regulatory obligations of a registered charity once an application has been approved.

For organizations considering charitable status, Oyler Consulting provides strategic direction such as clarity on the differences between registered charities and non-profit organizations, the advantages of registration, and the regulatory obligations of a registered charity. Presentation and workshop topics include:

  • Registered Charity Assessment
  • Non-Profit Organization (NPO) vs. a Registered Charity
  • Factors that can Affect Registration
  • Obligations of Registered Charities
  • Fundraising



Oyler Consulting offers a facilitation service for meetings, retreats, and Strategic Planning sessions. It provides professional planning and management for your organization’s key meetings while allowing for full and effective participation by staff and board.  David draws upon his years of experience as a presenter, workshop facilitator, and event planner in addition to his in-depth knowledge of the charity and non-profit sector accumulated through his work with numerous organizations and from his extensive volunteer contributions towards the sector’s growth and advancement. He has also completed the Facilitating Fundamentals for Group Discussions course at the Saint Mary’s School of Business.


For more information please connect with David by phone: (902) 476-4755 or email: david@oylerconsulting,ca

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