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The goal of the workshop is to identify the objectives of a fundraising plan and develop the framework for a fundraising strategy.  It is tailored for small to medium-sized organizations that either are looking to launch a fundraising program or undertake fundraising but do not have a formal program currently in place. 

Key fundamentals covered include:

1.    Defining the objectives of your fundraising program – provides a clear picture of your current financial position and your future funding needs

2.    Evaluating organizational capacity – an assessment of your organization’s resources

3.    Identifying target markets –  categorizing groups who would support your fundraising initiatives

4.    Assessing various fundraising options – identifies which initiatives are best fit to meet your funding needs

5.    Fundraising best practices – ensures your organization is prepared administratively and in compliance 

From the workshop, participants will have the tools to work with their boards and staff to integrate their fundraising program with their strategic plan and begin implementation.

COST: $75 per individual, $125 per organization (maximum three individuals)




Date: TBA

The focus of this presentation is to highlight the responsibilities that accompany registered charity status including devotion of resources to charitable activities, other acceptable activities such as related businesses and fundraising, maintaining adequate books, and the filing of the T3010 Annual Information Return. 



Date: TBA

Topics covered in this presentation include Canadian Revenue Agency’s (CRA) definition of a “gift” for receipting purposes, the required information for official tax receipts, common receipting scenarios, and receipting best practices.


COST: $25 per individual for one presentation, $50 per organization (maximum three individuals) for one presentation. Please enquire about discounts for multiple presentations

To register for the session or for more information please contact: David Oyler, , (902) 476-4755

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